Employee benefits

  • contributions for company meals
  • contributions for pension life insurance for employees
  • contributions for regenerative wellness spa for employees
  • contributions for cultural events (selected)
  • contributions for visit the swimming pool (indoor pool in Šumperk, Thermal Aquapark Velké Losiny)
  • discounts on repair of employee's cars in our authorized customer service
  • the possibility of providing interest-free loan to employee from the social fund
  • week of paid leave beyond the scope of Labour Code
  • language courses for selected employees professions
  • flexible working hours for selected professions

Scholarship program

The scholarship program is intended for students of secondary and apprentice schools. Engineering and construction field of study are preferred.

Three-years apprenticeship field of study
  • locksmith (machine)
  • bricklayer
  • carpenter
  • automechanic
Four-years graduation field of study
  • mechanical engineering
  • construction/building industry
Students can obtain:
 Year of study Basic scholarship Merit scholarship
  monthly yearly
1.  1000 CZK 2000 CZK
2.  1500 CZK 3000 CZK
3. (4.) 2000 CZK 4000 CZK

Basic conditions of obtaining sholarship
  • performance of compulsory professional experience and summer job during the summer holiday 
  • non unexcused absences or disciplinary precautions during the studies
  • after succesfull graduation has a student right to take up as employee in our company


Ivo Černocký
Head of Human Resources
Phone: +420 583 310 369
Mobile: +420 725 007 139
E-mail: cernocky@fortex-ags.cz
Mgr. Kristýna Lakomá
Human Resources Officer
Phone: +420 583 310 235