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Technology OSS - Oxygen Sludge System

Technology of aerobic stabilization and hyginezation of excess sludge from all types of modern biological wastewater treatment plants. This technology enables to cover strictest hygienic demands in accordance with valid legislative of Czech Republic and European Union. With capacity there is possible to optimalization for WWTP over capacity with 3500 PE (People Equivalent).

Portable container WWTP - type Arctic

Wastewater treatment technology for portable WWTP type ARCTIC is installed in 20ft custombuilt containers, the same size as regular shipping containers. The containers can easily be craned on and off of standard camion trucks to ensure they reach your remote site with no special arrangements and minimum hassle. Inside technological containers are installed Coarse pretreatment device, SBR technology, water divider tank, blower aggregates, switch board with control system. inside these containers can also be installed aerobic sludge stabilization - sludge tank, excess sludge-watering unit eventually secondary wastewater treatment - microstainer drum filter and water desinfection (UV lamp).

AN 5 to 50

Wastewater treatment plants AN 5 to 50 serve to purify sewage from small sources of pollution. These are sewage water from individual households, recreational facilities and others. The most suitable use of this treatment plants is for point sources of pollution with a large irregularity of both hydraulic and cloth loading (seasonal use of objects).

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