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Technology of aerobic stabilization and hyginization of excess sludge from all types of modern biological wastewater treatment plants. This technology enables to cover strictes hygienic demands in accordance with valid legislative of Czech Republic and European Union. With capacity there is possible to optimalization for WWTP over capacity with 3500 PE (People Equivalent).


This system could be used and applicate into existing technological chain of WWTP - this variant is the most popular with existing objects and installed equipment. Such as source of energy serves energy released from biomass decomposition. This plant is not dependent on external source thermal energy. Technological unit could be solved as complex that includes pumping, thickening, stabilization, hygienization, homogenization, dewatering and sludge storing.

Principle of function

Excess sludge from biological wastewater treatment is processed with aerobic stabilization using air and autonomical thermophilous sludge stabilization with temperature over 55 °C with usage of pure oxygen.

Output parameters of sludge after autotermicaerobic thermophilous sludge stabilization

  • An average dry matter depending on inputs and is within the range of 2,5 to 4,5%
  • Contents of organic substances included in dry matter such loss caused with annealing is about 30-40% (depending on input)
  • Enterococco - less than 103 KTJ/g
  • Thermos-tolerant coliform bacteria - less than 103 KTJ/g
  • Salmonella - negative
  • Sludge is generally easily dewatered with centrifuge, commonly with dry matter about 30-35%

 Our references

  • OSS Tetčice
  • OSS Bílovice nad Svitavou
  • OSS Mikulov
  • OSS Linhartice (Moravská Třebová)
  • OSS Brandýs nad Labem
  • OSS Veverská Bítýška