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Water treatment plants are designed on the basis of input parameters leased water from natural sources. Therefore it is important to know the particular analysis of the input water, its quantity and the local conditions.

The water treatment technology is designed based on the local findings. It is the removal of unsuitable additives and chemicals that water can contain mainly iron, manganese, organic substances and improper pH.

Water treatment plants are designed according to the values of input and output parameters required. Based on the needs and assignment operator of each water treatment plant Fortex individually with regard to economic and operational aspects. Water treatment technology deals in an important part of treatment in the use of recycled water in terms of conservation of water resources.


  • Technological units UPV FORTEX are made out from high-quality, stable and time-tested materials guaranteering long service life of these units
  • Ensure stable output parameters of treated water
  • Reliability and economical operation
  • structural proposal, design services
  • Complex supply and installation
  • Monitoring and optimization of operation
  • Warranty and post warranty service