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Types of additional products

  • Secondary sedimentation tanks - vertical, square, circular
  • Vertical sand catcher
  • Screen baskets, manual screens
  • Lifting devices
  • Plastic tanks
  • Measuring shaft
  • Pump sumps equipment
  • Sludge dewatering devices
  • Atypical products

Secondary sedimentation tanks

Secondary sedimentation tanks are used for treated water and biological sludge separation purposes in WWTP and consequency for its thickening and setting. These tanks are constructed as embedded plastic or stainless steel tanks inside activation tanks that are hung on the stainless steel or zinc-coated foot bridge. Secondary sedimentation tanks can be installed in existing tanks. 
Basic technical parameters find here:

Sand separators

Vertical sand separators LP are produced from polypropylene material and used for gravitational catching and sand removal. This device is used mainly with single sewerage. Sand separator technology is possible to supply also as embedded technology into concrete tanks. 
Basic technical parametres find here:

Lifting devices

Manual lifting devices are used for lifting and handling with smaller technological devices such pumps, mixers, screen baskets that are installed inside worse accessible sumps or for lifting pump installed under water level. These lifting devices are steel products with capacity 150 or 300 kgs and lenght of gib 800 - 1200 mm. 

Screen baskets

This device is used for coarse impurities catching at inlet into WWTP, pump station and tanks. Screen baskets are producer in all stainless steel version with dimensions on the customer demands. The most used are screen baskets with opening size 20, 30, 25, 40 mm. Aperture size sould be also customized. 

Plastic tanks

Square - are produced from polypropylene ribbed wall panels in production range from tank N1 with volume 0,75 m³ up to tank N50 with volume 48,4 m³ incl. cover. Dimensions could be changed on customers demands. These tanks are used for waste or drinking water accumulating.

Round - these tanks are produced as bended polypropylene or polyethylene plates and all tanks are customized. These tanks are used for waste or drinking water accumulation (polypropylene version) eventually for another techno-chemical purposes. All tanks could be produced as self-supporting.

All additional technological products are produced in various production range in accordance with customer's demands.