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Deodorizing biofilters are used mainly for removing or suppression of foul odors and aerosols from wastewater treatment plant and pump sumps operation. Principle of operation is that air from deodorizing area is sucked off with ventilator into biofiltertanks. To increase effectiveness there is possible to cdose aromatic substances. 


  • Coarse pre-treatment for WWTP
  • Sump pump
  • Industrial applications


  • Engineering design
  • Complex supply and assembly
  • Monitoring and operation optimalization
  • Guarantee and after sale service and support


  • Total removal or suppresion of foul odor
  • Reduction of hygienic protection zone
  • Outdoor or indoor installation
  • Ground installation or installation on the concrete foundation plate
  • Minimal maintaining of filter
  • Variability of filter beds

Deodorizing filters for pump sumps

We offer economic interesting and elegant solution for pump sump vent. Deodorizing biological filters for pump sumps serves for prevention of bad smells from pump sumps. These systems can be controlled remotley or set on a timer.

Basic technical parameters

More informations find attached.