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Aeration systems are mainly used for mixing and aeration wastewater at WWTPs. Fortex's aeration system can be adapted to any size or shaped tank. Aeration systems are designed in accoradance with needed technology, required amount of oxygen and pressure and also to comply with local regulations. According to mixed media and type of application we can offer a fine bubble, medium bubble or coarse bubble system.

  • Aeration and mixing of activation tanks and sludge tanks at wastewater treatment plant
  • Aeration of fish breeding plants and ponds
  • Aeration of industrial water


  • Structural proposal
  • Complex supply and installation
  • Monitoring and optimization of operation
  • Warranty and post sale support and service

Basic technical parameters of aeration systems

More informations about parametres find attached.


  • Equal aeration and mixing
  • Long life and aeration grids
  • Easy installation of elements
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Membrane options (EPDM, EPDM with teflon,sillicone rubber)
  • Optimal use in depths from 0,8 - 8 m
  • Oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Very low pressure-loss