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Communal wastewater treantment plants are ideal for wastewater treatment from small and middle-sized sources of pollution. WWTP's of this production range consist of compact container made of polypropylene that is divided with plastic walls to single functional sections. these WWTP'S are designed for stable reliable operation with minimal energy consumption. This technology uses anaerobic biological processes that are verified in practice.


These WWTP's are determined for communal wastewater treatment from small sources as villages, households, leisure resorts and similar applications.


  • Engineering design, design works
  • Comprehensive delivery and assembly
  • Monitoring and optimalization of WWTP's operation
  • Guarantee service and after guarantee sale service and support


  • High efficiency with organic substances removal
  • Low purchase costs and operating costs
  • Simple installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fully automated system
  • Long service life
  • Trouble free winter operation and low noise level
  • Possibility of turnkey projects

WWT's with capacity from 50 to 180 PE are offered in three series:

  • Type AČB SBR 50 -180 activation SBR - the mot suitable solution with irregular wastewater inlet - for example for restaurants, production facillities, resorts time objects. Ideal solution for existing WWTP reconstruction.
  • Type AČB E 50 - 180 activation wastewater treatment plants - trouble free operation, low noise level, automatic operation, control with programmable relay, possibility of installation into concrete tanks (embedded technology).
  • Type Biofluid E 50 - 120 biodisk - simple and reliable solution, trouble free and nearly maintenance-free, possibility to interrupt wastewater iniet up to two months without disrupting outlet parameters.
  • More informations find here: WWTP's with capacity from 50 to 180 PE.